Platforce vs Veeva: the change that you need in 2024!

Why should “Platforce vs Veeva” be on your mind?

Existing Salesforce users need to redefine their CRM approach starting with 2024 as Veeva is busy rebuilding its platform and parting ways with Salesforce after years of collaboration.

Is your company also at this turning point? You may be wondering what options you have.

Platforce’s CRM and CLM solutions are distinctively built for pharma and life science teams. With over 10 years of experience and a resounding client portfolio, we offer customization and localised support around the globe. 

Find out below why migrating to Platforce at a fraction of the cost of Veeva is a sustainable choice in 2024, especially as Veeva forces your hand to stop using Salesforce.

Veeva is not ready for the AI revolution…Yet!

Due to Salesforce and Veeva parting ways, Veeva’s engineers will be rebuilding their platform and postpone catching up with the AI revolution. This means Veeva’s delayed response puts users at a disadvantage and causes them to miss out on the potential of automation, predictive analytics, and enhanced decision-making – crucial elements in any rapidly evolving business landscape.

Meanwhile at Patforce, integrating AI into our CRM for our customers’ growth isn’t a distant dream for us. It’s what we’re delivering to our customers right now- AI meeting insights & Planner AI assistant on the maps. We saw the potential of using AI to support our end users in their day-to-day operations resulting in an efficient workflow that is supported by predictive analytics and intelligent automation.

The intuitive alternative to Veeva: bring sales simplicity back with Platforce

Veeva’s extensive features often turn out difficult to navigate for users and are pricy on the budget. 

Platforce doesn’t require your team to be ‘techie’, since it is intuitive by design.  We account for the specific needs of pharma and life science companies’ needs from the first click.

Worrying about figuring out how the CRM works is not an issue for our clients! Our dedicated team ensures everyone is strategically onboarded and attended from the managerial level to the field employees.

Veeva is moving off Salesforce- but at what cost?

You’ve probably already heard the news that Veeva is moving its CRM software off Salesforce’s platform. They are planning for 2025 to migrate Veeva onto its home technology as the Salesforce contract ends soon.

This strategic move means Veeva will have to pool all their efforts into rebuilding the current platform. And such an endeavour always comes with serious financial and technical restraints. Are you a Veeva customer? You may have wondered what this change means for your day-to-day operation and the interruptions which will occur in your data flow.

Will Veeva customers looking to scale be able to do so since Veeva will be overloaded and focused on rebuilding their platform? How long will they need to wait for the support their efforts require?

Unlike Veeva, Platforce’s CRM and CLM solutions already have developed all the features needed by pharma and life science businesses to operate efficiently. Platforce is a cloud-based platform built to scale effortlessly no matter how fast you need the change. And yes, it’s well-integrated with Salesforce as well.

Platforce vs Veeva pricing differences explained

Veeva hooks you with its status quo as the industry standard but then charges more for the core features that are already available for Platforce clients who are on the basic plan.

Veeva’s pricing of over €200 per user every month is bound to impact your bottom line and leave your budget strained, for small and large businesses alike. The burden of additional costs accumulates as you add more new functionalities. The more you utilize the CRM, the more you find yourself entangled in a web of expenses, leaving you questioning whether you will see an ROI from your investment.

Platforce stands as the antidote to Veeva’s cost conundrum with its basic plan that starts from €2 per user each month. Now you’ve saved around 91.88%. That means the savings can be channelled to other revenue-generating activities. Paying for all the bells and whistles you do not need or use is a waste of your team’s time and your budget!

Platforce vs Veeva: a visual price comparison

Platforce: an out-of-the-box pharma and life science CRM&CLM solution designed for your team’s performance

For 100 users Platforce without CLM Platforce with CLM Veeva
Per user per month Starts from €2 Starts from €5 200 USD
Servers €10 per month €10 per month N/A
Billed Annually Annually Annually

Used by life science brands around the world

  • http://Xolomon
  • http://Nutricia
  • http://Danone
  • http://Amerdis
  • http://Genpharma

More reasons to choose Platforce over Veeva

Sometimes crashes during working and you lost the work done There is no automatic synchronization, I synchronize manually every day… The CRM platform is not designed well for devices other than iPads. Sync takes ~5 mins, downloads a lot of unused data

Source: Verified Veeva reviews at G2.comS

There are certain issues loading data and sometimes Veeva will just say that there is a limitation with it. And that’s it. No real help beyond that. … Veeva CRM’s implementation and upkeep costs could be prohibitive for smaller pharmaceutical firms with tight resources Cost is high as compared to competition… The system can be expensive as it is based out of SAAS platform.

Source: Verified Veeva reviews at Capterra

Platforce reduces your dependency on scattered tech stacks.

Platforce reduces the number of tools that you are dependent on. Below you can see some of the tools that Platforce typically replaces so that you can focus your budget on where it matters.

Tools With Platforce
Zoom Stream HD remote calls right from Platforce
Spreadsheets Manage your data in one place and forget about spreadsheets
AI Assistant Gain actionable insights from your calls with the AI call assistant
Tableau/Power BI Simply grab the graphs you need from Platforce
Calendly Let HCPs schedule and re-schedule calls at their convenience

Book a demo to see how our features work!

Platforce vs Veeva: Head-to-head features comparison

CRITICAL FEATURES FOR PHARMA Veeva Platforce without CLM Platforce with CLM
CLM / TABLET DETAILING Available Not Available Available
SAMPLES MANAGEMENT Available Not Available Available
GPS TRACKING Available (for a Call Report) Not Available Available
HTML5 PLAYER Available Available Available
CUSTOM KPIs COLLECTION Available Available Available
REP-TRIGGERED EMAILS Available Available Available
BROADCAST EMAIL CAMPAIGNS Available (No limits) Available (50000/month) Available (50000/month)
CUSTOMIZABLE DASHBOARDS Available Available Available
CUSTOMIZABLE REPORTS Available Available Available
Available Available Available
Available Available Available
Available Available Available
Available Available Available
Available Available Available
Available Not Available Not Available
Available Available Available
Available Available Available
Available Available Available
Available Available Available
Available Available Available
Available Available Available
Available Not Available Available
Available Available Available
Available Available Available
Available Available Available
Available Available Available
Available Available+ Available+
Available Available+ Available+
Not Available Available+ Available+
Not Available Available+ Available+
Available Available+ Available+
Available Available+ Available+
Not Available Available+ Available+
Available Available+ Available+
N/A Available+ Available+
MEETING INSIGHT AI Not Available Available (Q2 2024)+ Available (Q2 2024)+
HTML5, Video, Image, PDF, PPTX HTML5, Video, Image, PDF, PPTX HTML5, Video, Image, PDF, PPTX

Migrating to Platforce from Veeva?

We know how hard it is to migrate from your existing CRM.  That’s why our team of experts will work together with you and onboard you through a bespoke migration process ensuring that your data and integrations are migrated to Platforce seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve used Veeva before. What can I expect from Platforce?

Platforce offers an intuitive interface and robust functionalities that rivals those of Veeva. From advanced AI capabilities to transparent pricing, Platforce is designed to elevate your user experience, providing you with the tools you need to thrive in the competitive landscape of the life sciences.

How do you plan on helping us to migrate from Veeva with our data intact?

Our migration process is meticulous and ensures the integrity of your data. We have a dedicated team of experts experienced in transitioning from Veeva to Platforce. Through a systematic approach, we analyze your existing data structure, map it to Platforce’s architecture, and execute a smooth migration. Our goal is not just to transfer your data but to optimize it for enhanced functionality within Platforce, ensuring a seamless continuation of your operations with minimal disruption.

Can Platforce replace the tools that we are currently using now?

While it doesn’t replace every single tool. It does significantly reduce your dependency on tools like Zoom, Spreadsheets, Gong, Tableau, Power BI and Calendly.

Do you have a free trial available?

Yes. Just book a demo and our dedicated local team will be ready to present you with all opportunities available with Platforce