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Unlocking Omnichannel Excellence with AI-Driven Strategies: Pharma Talk Show Webinar Series

Speakers and Moderators

In the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, embracing omnichannel strategies powered by artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer optional—it’s imperative. The recent episode of Pharma Insights, hosted by Platforce, delved into this critical topic with industry experts Ben Keppie, James Turnbull, and Manuel Mitola. Their discussion highlighted how AI-driven omnichannel approaches can transform healthcare professional (HCP) engagement, personalize customer experiences, and boost sales effectiveness.

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The Power of Omnichannel in Pharma

Omnichannel strategies enable pharma companies to reach HCPs through multiple touchpoints, creating a seamless and integrated experience. As Manuel Mitola emphasized, the goal is to personalize interactions and ensure consistency across all channels. This approach not only enhances HCP engagement but also drives better outcomes in patient care.

Ben Keppie provided insights into the practical implementation of omnichannel strategies, pointing out that the essence lies in connectivity and relevance. One of the tenets of omnichannel is connectivity, he explained. “We were just discussing a lot of content that we put on websites that has no next step. Even giving recommendations is better than nothing.” If you launched Netflix and it was just a blank screen (instead of recommended things to watch), it would be very confusing, explains Keppie. So, providing options, even if they aren’t perfect, keeps the engagement going​​.

AI’s Role in Enhancing Efficiency

Artificial intelligence plays a pivotal role in optimizing omnichannel strategies. AI can analyze vast amounts of data to provide actionable insights, enabling pharma companies to tailor their marketing efforts more precisely. James Turnbull highlighted the significance of AI in streamlining processes and supporting decision-making. AI technologies that are being commercialized are very much positioned as supporters to roles, like taking the field teams, for example. There’s a rise in virtual sales assistants that empower people to be more effective.

AI-driven tools can identify patterns in HCP behavior, allowing marketers to deliver personalized content at the right time. This not only improves the relevance of the information provided but also enhances the overall HCP experience.

Overcoming Channel Integration Challenges

Integrating various channels to create a cohesive omnichannel strategy comes with its set of challenges. The speakers acknowledged that achieving seamless integration requires a well-thought-out approach and robust technology infrastructure. James Turnbull shared practical tips on effectively using AI to manage and integrate multiple channels. He stressed the importance of strategic planning and focusing on relevant content delivery rather than over-personalization, which can sometimes come off as invasive.

The future isn’t about hyper-personalization for its own sake, note the speakers. It’s about creating a personalized journey. Everyone gets the same content, but the way they interact with it differs. This approach ensures that HCPs receive relevant information “without feeling like they’re being stalked”​.

Personalizing HCP Interactions

Personalization is a cornerstone of effective omnichannel strategies. By leveraging AI, pharma companies can understand HCP preferences and behavior patterns, allowing them to deliver tailored messages. However, as the speakers pointed out, personalization should be done thoughtfully to avoid overwhelming HCPs with irrelevant content.

AI is a helpful key in balancing personalization with choice. The crucial thing is to give choice. Netflix doesn’t tell you ‘you should only watch this,’ it says ‘here are five things you might like.’ This principle can be applied to HCP engagement, offering them relevant options without being prescriptive.

Future of Omnichannel in Pharma

The future of omnichannel strategies in pharma looks promising, with AI playing an increasingly significant role. The integration of AI and omnichannel approaches is expected to evolve, providing more sophisticated tools for engagement and data analysis. The speakers highlighted that ongoing advancements in AI technology would enable even more precise targeting and efficient resource allocation.

They discussed the potential of AI in transforming sales teams. As there’s a rise in virtual sales assistants like Co-Pilot from Actana or My AiDEA from True Blue are designed to support sales teams, making them more efficient and effective. It’s about doing their job better and smarter​​.

Practical Insights and Takeaways

  1. Relevant interconnectivity: Ensure that all channels are interconnected and provide relevant content to maintain HCP engagement. The cross-team design of digital tools adopted can ensure a high degree of flexibility in personalizing messages.
  2. AI-powered support: Utilize AI-driven tools to support sales teams and streamline processes. Rather than replacing human roles, tools that integrate AI in their systems can offer enhanced sales monitoring.
  3. Balanced personalization: Focus on creating a personalized journey for HCPs, offering them relevant options without overwhelming them.
  4. Strategic integration: Plan the integration of various channels strategically, ensuring that the technology infrastructure supports seamless communication.
  5. Future prospects: Stay updated with AI technology developments and aim to continuously enhance omnichannel strategies and improve HCP engagement by leveraging the power of existing technologies.


The insights from this episode of Pharma Insights underscore the transformative power of AI-driven omnichannel strategies in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. By focusing on connectivity, relevance, and thoughtful personalization, pharma companies can significantly enhance HCP engagement and drive better outcomes in patient care. 

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