Looking for
an alternative
to Pitcher?

Pitcher is an omnichannel sales engagement solution made for pharma and life science companies.

However, like any tool, Pitcher has its strengths and weaknesses. 

There are several reasons why you might be looking for an alternative for Pitcher, 

  1. Pitcher is not as user-friendly as other tools
  2. Sometimes Pitcher can be a bit clunky
  3. The platform updates are also being uploaded quite slowly

Most importantly, 

Veeva is moving off Salesforce, and you’re looking to migrate to a CRM that has omnichannel communication capabilities built in.

On top of that Pitcher’s pricing might be relatively high compared to other alternatives in the market like Platforce which starts at $15 per user and has most of the functions that Pharma and Life Science companies need out of the box.

And, if you’re just switching from spreadsheets to a CRM you might want to consider the behavior switching needed within your team to learn and align how to use the system.  

Depending on how big is your organization and user demographics this is a point to consider for deployment.

Compared to Pitcher, Platforce is not nearly as complicated or expensive.

Since pharma and life science companies need a CRM & CLM that can be customized to their internal workflows, then Platforce would be a better choice.

However, if you’re looking for only omnichannel sales engagement solution then Pitcher might be the want you’re looking for.

Platforce vs Pitcher: A Head-To-Head Comparision

Mobile Access
Offline Access
Check them out here.
User Interface
Less User-friendly and sometimes a bit clunky
Pricing Model
Basic plan starts from $15 per user
Basic plan starts from $20 per user.
Free Trial
Available but the trial period is short
Customer Support
Local support, 24/7
24/7 Support
Custom Request
Multi-channel marketing
Yes but uploading marketing materials can be quite slow and not intuitive for some.
Sales Force Automation
Data Management
Customer Relationship Management
Task Management
Territory Management
Business Intelligence
(Built upon request)
(Not as robust as Platforce)
Custom Reporting Dashboard
Retail Execution
Consent Management
Territory Management
Events Management
Retail Execution

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