Maximize your Team’s Performance: Start with your Personalized Salesforce Effectiveness Analysis (SFE)

Any company with a salesforce aims for effectiveness in how marketing & sales budgets are used. And, it all comes down to improving salesforce performance and its alignment with marketing strategies. We help you achieve higher ROI through our expert-led audits, by our industry specialists, including Mohamed Amer and Ruslan Shastun.

Using proprietary methodologies and sector knowledge for life sciences and pharma,
we tackle your current strategies and point out key improvement opportunities.

Transform your sales approach with actionable insights and
a structured plan specifically for life sciences and pharma.

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Why Choose Salesforce Effectiveness Analysis?

Sales Force Activities are a company's most valuable asset. the time a rep spends with their Healthcare
Professionals is still the best way to get the message about diseases and therapeutic options.

Using the correct strategy to deploy your sales force often means the difference between the successful implementation of your marketing strategy and the failure to do so. Measuring the outcome of your sales force activities is even more sophisticated.

Choosing the right metrics that enhance your responsiveness to market dynamics is crucial to your sales operations. Deploying the right metrics and aligning your sales team to the marketing strategy is the key to growth.

  • Do you have the right sales force structure? Are the metrics you use to measure their performance impactful in the marketplace? How do you help them focus their time and deliver sustainable results?

Our SFE audit and strategic planning have brought consistent results in the work of essential sales and marketing positions, such as medical representatives, district managers, and sales directors. These key players and their teams have gained crucial insights from our detailed SFE audit, which ensured the improvement of performance and a competitive advantage in their industries.

Custom audit of your sales operations

Go through a customized questionnaire with our experts to understand and map your sales operation, from market research to team performance, and to determine key areas for development.

Actionable insights to implement short & long term

Gain strategic recommendations to enhance salesforce productivity, ensuring every interaction with healthcare professionals (HCPs) counts and all sales efforts are accurately traced back to your team’s performance.

Strategic support to make your plans a reality

Receive guidance on implementing advanced CRM solutions and sales strategies, ensuring your team is equipped for success.

Optimize Sales Performance with a Dual Approach
Individualizing Sales Targets and Incentives

To effectively size your salesforce and customize strategies to various territories, Platforce's SFE Audit introduces a data-driven methodology. This process identifies which territories hold the most potential and assigns targets based on comprehensive market share analysis and the unique contribution of each area to overall city sales. If a territory accounts for 5% or 20% of the sales volume, our audit provides a strategic allocation of your salesforce efforts on targets which yield the best results.
Equally critical is our approach to individualizing sales incentives. Traditional methods often overlook the distinct achievements of each sales rep, opting instead for uniform reward systems. By leveraging detailed sales data at the customer level, Platforce's audit distinguishes the efforts and successes of individual reps, ensuring that incentives accurately reflect their contributions. This nuanced understanding of performance fosters a culture of recognition and motivation, driving your sales team to higher achievements.

How does Platforce’s SFE Audit Work for You?

  • Focus your efforts & segment efficiently

    We’ll show you where to zero in and how to slice your market for maximum impact. No more guessing games on who your targets should be or how your team should approach them.

  • Rethink your operations and processes

    From evaluating the size of your sales force to tailoring roles for maximum impact (think beyond just medical science liaisons), we dive into your current methods to find and fill gaps you might not know exist.

  • Refine your budgets for higher returns on investment

    Aligning your budget with your strategic vision, we meticulously analyze and adjust your spending to ensure each investment in sales and marketing maximizes your ROI. By fine-tuning your salesforce’s size for optimal efficiency, we promise not just savings, but an enhancement of performance. Our budget refinement strategy guarantees that every expenditure is not merely a cost but a step towards achieving your goals, making your sales and marketing efforts more effective and aligned with your business objectives.

  • Place data-driven strategies at the core of your business to see real results

    If you want to finally move away from “feelings” and “perceptions” to finally make informed decisions, we are here to provide clarity on setting achievable targets and customizing incentives, so performance and rewards go hand-in-hand.

  • Cultivate success and learning practices

    It’s about building a sales culture that’s rooted in continuous learning and strategic excellence. For new team members, this could mean equipping them with insights from the best performers and expediting their learning curve. Ensuring the right motivational tools for more seasoned sales, professionals will include fostering a culture of continuous improvement by learning from successful meeting strategies.

How to Get your Audit:
From Inquiry to Action

Engaging in a comprehensive journey towards sales excellence with the help of Platforce’s experts starting with a simple click on “Book an SFE Audit”.

  1. 1Book a call with our experts for an initial consultation.
  2. 2Engage with our experts as they assess your sales strategies, tools, and team performance, and prepare to identify key improvement areas.
  3. 3Analyze and bring the final touches to your tailored action plan, armed with insights, and bring the new custom strategy into your sales operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salesforce Effectiveness (SFE) Audit?

A salesforce effectiveness audit, or analysis, is a comprehensive review, strategy and planning service to optimise your salesforce’s performance. We explore your current sales strategies through expert-led evaluations, identify improvement opportunities, and provide actionable insights for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

Who can benefit from this service?

This service is invaluable for companies utilizing CRM systems not specifically tailored to the unique demands of the pharma and life sciences sales environment. It is particularly beneficial for sales and marketing roles including Directors of sales or marketing, Business Unit Heads, , district managers, and sales managers.

How does the SFE Audit work?

The audit process begins with an initial consultation to understand your current sales operation and performance. Our experts, including industry specialists like Mohamed Amer and Ruslan Shastun, conduct a detailed analysis, followed by strategic recommendations for short and long-term improvements.

Can Platforce’s SFE Audit integrate with my existing CRM?

Yes, our service is designed to provide insights and strategies that can seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM solutions. We focus on enhancing your CRM’s functionality to better suit the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors, ensuring you get the most out of your salesforce.

What are the expected outcomes of an SFE Audit?

You can expect to see improved salesforce structure, performance metrics, better alignment with marketing strategies, and optimized CRM utilization. Our actionable insights and strategic planning support are aimed at increasing sales effectiveness, efficiency, and overall return on investment in your sales and marketing efforts.

How do I book an SFE Audit?

Simply click on the “Book an SFE Audit” button on our page. You’ll be guided through a simple process to schedule an initial consultation with our experts. This is your first step towards transforming your salesforce’s effectiveness and aligning it more closely with your business goals. For more detailed information or specific queries, feel free to reach out directly to our team.