Meet your client where they are whenever they’re ready.

No more waiting for days or rescheduling appointments with your HCPs. With Platforce, HCPs can join you from anywhere with any device – just provide them the link to the call, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Make calls from your CRM

“There were a lot of technical problems - the system broke up, loosing video connection, broken links to the call.”

That’s an exact quote from our customer and something
that we hear a lot. Your closing rate depends on how well
you perform and connect with HCPs during call.

That’s why, you’ve got to make sure your CRM is capable
enough to support you and will not crash leaving you
hanging in midst of the call.

But, here’s the thing…

Generic Communication Platforms Weren’t Made For Pharma & Life Science Brands To Engage With HCPs Via Video Calls Easily.

  • 1

    They’re not built to stream HD remote calls

  • 2

    They can’t provide any indicators on key information such as when was the client interested and which information on the eDetailer being presented caught their eye

  • 3

    They can’t track important KPIs during calls

  • 4

    Your prospects need to download other applications to join the call which will irritate them in the long run

That’s why we’ve build Platforce

Platforce’s CRM makes calls with
HCP engaging and makes it easier
to convert them.

Reach your target audience wherever they are. No special equipment needed.

Reduce time wasted on traveling to visit patients or HCPs. Let them choose the appropriate time and they can join in from any device of their choice.

Seamless call with HCP

Plan your next call right from your CRM

Never miss any leads again by planning the next call on the spot from your CRM. Take a step further by automating appropriate emails to be sent automatically after each call to increase your chance of closing the deal.

Planning next call

Connect with more than one HCPs at any given moment.

Keep your opportunities wide by simultaneously connecting to multiple HCPs in a single call. No matter if it’s a video or audio call, you can connect with up to 100 potential participants in a single session with Platforce, that too in HD quality.

Engage with HCPs remotely

Increase HCPs loyalty

Build a strong rapport with HCPs by delivering relevant information they need on call. Keep them updated with latest data that’ll help them to improve treatment outcomes during call to stay on top of their mind.

Send HCPs relevant information

Make every meeting count

Get unique insights out of each call and how the eDetailer used in the call performed to understand your clients better and close the loop efficiently.

Whether you need standard insights or custom insights to be tracked for each call we got you covered.

Need something more sophisticated? Let us know and we’ll build it for you!

Insights from remote calls

Related FAQs

Why can’t I make it do with Zoom or Google Meet?

Generic remote calls solution doesn’t have the built-in capabilities to track insights from the eDetailer provided to engage with clients

Do HCPs need to download any app to join the calls?

No. HCPs will be able to join in the call from any device of choices with the link to provided for them.

Are remote-calls available with the basic plan or do we need to buy it as an add-on?

Nope remote calls are available for all the plans.

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