Spend less time on admin work and more time on closing more sales.

Streamline your sales operations so that your sales rep can better engage HCPs and close deals efficiently.


“There were a lot of technical problems - the system broke up, loosing video connection, broken links to the call.”

That’s why, you’ve got to make sure your CRM is capable of doing so
and will not crash leaving you hanging.

But, here’s the thing…

Generic CRMs Weren’t Made For Pharma
& Life Science companies Like You:

  • 1

    They don’t cater to your unique needs such as eDetailers, and consent management

  • 2

    Other CRMs are either too agnostic that you end up paying for features you don’t need

  • 3

    You still have to rely on excel since the CRM is quite confusing to use

  • 4

    They’re costing you up to 70% in admin time and human errors trying to figure out how to adapt the CRM to fit your workflow and needs

That’s why we’ve build Platforce

Platforce’s CRM makes streamlining your
sales operations, engaging HCPs, and
closing more deals ridiculously simple
and pain-free.

Get a 360-degree view
of your contact from
a single dashboard.

Find the client information you need instantly without hassle.

Platforce’s CRM keeps all details organized and accessible in just few clicks.

Need to filter accounts by certain criteria? We got you covered! Find them by relevant keywords or use the advanced filters provided.


Target the right
prospects at the
right time.

Never waste your team’s time trying to close random leads.

Make use Platforce’s advanced segmenting capabilities to close on the most important leads for you that is likely to convert better and provide a positive impact on your revenue.


Change the way you engage and interact with your HCPs for better.

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Related FAQs

Related FAQs

Platforce CRM is a cloud-based solution that empowers sales force efficiency in the fields and remote interactions for Pharma and Life science companies by enabling them to engage, manage and close HCPs with ease.

Do Pharma and Life science brands need a CRM made exclusively
for them like Platforce? Why can’t I make do with normal CRM?

Let’s be frank here. Yes, you could rely on generic CRM. But at what cost? The last thing you want is your sales team spending 70% of their time doing admin work and trying to piece together a bunch of tools instead of closing more deals.

How much does Platforce’s CRM software cost? Can I try it for free?

It starts from $15 per month and yes we do offer free trials.

Is Platforce an all-in-one CRM?

Yes, and it’s much more than that. Platforce is a cloud-based solution that is made with Pharma and Life Science companies’ needs in mind.

Is Platforce’s CRM best for small businesses, startups, or enterprise organizations?

This is what makes us special. Instead of you adopting to our software, here at Platforce we ensure it’s the other way around- no matter the size of your organization and how complex are your needs.

How does Platforce’s CRM compare to other CRMs?

We definitely have a lot to tell here! That’s why we made this comparison page. Check it out to see how Platforce compare with other page.

Spend less time on admin work and more time
on closing more sales.

Book a demo to see how Platforce can help you
reach your customers in the channels that they are active in
for better engagement.
Trusted by pharmaceutical and life science brands worldwide.
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