Platforce CRM: The Smart Digital Choice for Pharma and Lifesciences

Get all you need, and more, at an affordable price.

Platforce emerges as the preferred CRM, offering transparent pricing starting from $15/user/month, complemented by 24/7 local support, a feature lacking in Elvis. With a user-friendly interface and robust features like multi-channel marketing, remote e-detailing, and custom reporting, Platforce outshines Elvis.

Platforce vs Elvis System: A Head-To-Head Comparision

Mobile Access
Offline Access
User Interface
Not very user-friendly
Pricing Model
Basic plan starts from $15 per user each month
No information available
Free Trial
No information available
Customer Support
Local support, 24/7
Limited Local Support
Custom Request
Multi-channel marketing
but not as much as what Platforce offers
Sales Force Automation
No information available
Data Management
Customer Relationship Management
Task Management
Territory Management
Business Intelligence
(Built upon request)
Custom Reporting Dashboard
Available if requested by clients
Retail Execution
Consent Management
Territory Management
Events Management
eDetailing Simplicity
Streamlined eDetailing process with easy audio, video, and text integration, focused on collecting reactions.
eDetailing process may be more complex, with limited media support.
HTML5 Usage
Does not use HTML5, ensuring real-time KPI collection and optimal performance.
Relies on HTML5, potentially impacting real-time KPIs and system responsiveness.
Module Design
Pre-designed modules for quick setup; clients focus on content and branding.
Module customization may require more client involvement.
Local Payments
Offers local payment options in Argentina, enhancing convenience for clients.
Limited local payment options may be available.
Mobile Compatibility
Mobile-friendly web CRM and CLM interfaces for seamless on-the-go access.
Mobile compatibility may be lacking in the current system.
AI Integration
Utilizes AI to enhance work processes, improving overall efficiency.
AI capabilities may not be as robust or integrated.
Sales Control Module
Provides a dedicated Sales Control module to track pharmacy performance and analyze data.
Sales performance tracking is less comprehensive than what Platforce offers.
Remote Communication
Offers full-suite remote communication features like remote calls and
Just like Platforce offers a suite of features made for remote communication.
Expense Management
Offers an expense control feature for medreps, streamlining expense tracking.
No explicit mention of a medrep expense management feature.

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