Comparing Platforce vs Pulpo: Features, Support, and Pricing

Platforce leads in engagement, global presence, customizable dashboards, flexible pricing, and ISO certification, distinguishing it from Pulpo.

Platforce surpasses Pulpo in customer engagement features and global reach. With customizable dashboards and ISO certification, Platforce offers flexible pricing and quality assurance.

Platforce vs Pulpo: A Head-To-Head Comparision

Customer Engagement Features
Limited; mainly focused on call reporting
Extensive and diverse range of features
Support and Updates
Basic support and infrequent updates
Dedicated teams for frequent support/updates
Global Presence
Local company, not global
Global company with an international presence
Dashboards and KPIs Tracking
Support with dashboards and KPI tracking
Provides robust dashboards and KPI tracking
Very cheap and annual cost stays constant
Cost increases with the number of users
Suitable for
Low-budget companies and startups
Companies of all sizes, including big CRM
ISO Certification
Haven't achieved ISO certification
Achieved ISO certification
Multi-channel marketing
No information available
Social media marketing
No information available
Sales Force Automation
Data Management
Customer Relationship Management
Task Management
Business Intelligence
Custom Reporting Dashboard
Retail Execution
Consent Management
Events Management

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