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CRM with AI Assistant will optimize your sales team's performance by helping them plan their sales activities automatically & in advance. We named it Platforce’s AI assistant for intelligent meeting insights. This state-of-the-art feature captures every crucial detail from medical representatives' interactions with healthcare professionals (HCPs), transforming how engagements are analyzed and understood.

Have at your fingertips all the key messages approved by marketing and control your sales force interactions with HCPs
Plan and monitor sales representatives' activities, confirm the authenticity of each meeting and ensure the data accuracy of your activities
Invest resources accordingly to ensure optimal sales performance and the highest rates of return on your sales investment

Platforce’s AI Assistant
for Intelligent Meeting Insights

Note-taking and Transcribe Meetings
with Precision

Ensuring consistency in messaging and tracking sales rep interactions with HCPs is challenging yet much needed for any small or large business. Platforrce’s advanced note-taking and transcription feature meticulously captures every meeting, providing a detailed account of discussions with Healthcare Professionals.

You don’t need to worry about compliance since Platforce automatically ensures you receive the HCPs’ consent before any session with them.

  • Precision in Messaging: Easily check that your approved key messaging is consistently used by HCPs in every interaction.
  • Comprehensive Insights: Access through the meeting notes, facilitating in-depth analysis and strategic decision-making.

Verify Messages and Comply
with Marketing & Regulations

Validating and controlling sales rep adherence to approved marketing messaging can be time-consuming. But, left unchecked, messages are diluted in power and effectiveness from their strategic development stages to their implementation stages.

Platforce’s AI assistant will help salesforce effectiveness managers, directors and their medical representatives by automatically generating and analyzing transcriptions of sessions with HCPs, confirming meeting authenticity and identifying follow-up possibilities. This automated monitoring and reporting tool ensures alignment with the marketing team’s key messaging guidelines and provides objective evaluations of the quality of work, ultimately increasing your return on investing in sales efforts.

  • Effortless Alignment: Rely on automated checks to swiftly verify that your messaging standards are consistently followed.
  • Objective Evaluation: AI-driven assessments provide an unbiased evaluation, enhancing transparency and accountability.

Curated Repository of Best Practices

Onboarding and training new sales reps with real-world examples of successful interactions is a complex task.

Platforce’s AI assistant disseminates your best practices among sales reps by providing efficient and personalized training based on HCP interaction requirements. It also acts as a curated repository of high-performing meeting note-taking, offering a valuable resource for ensuring the sustainability of training efforts.

  • Accelerated Onboarding: Equip new team members with insights from the best performers, expediting their learning curve.
  • Continuous Learning: Foster a culture of continuous improvement by learning from successful meeting strategies.

Tailored Performance Feedback

Providing constructive feedback to sales reps based on qualitative assessments without actually looking into the sales call can be challenging. The AI tool assists managers in utilising note-taking and transcription of meetings to offer specific, data-driven feedback for individual and team improvement. This opens up your possibilities to ensure:

  • Targeted Coaching: Pinpoint areas for improvement and provide actionable insights, leading to enhanced individual and team performance.
  • Objective Performance Metrics: Move beyond subjective assessments and leverage concrete data for more effective feedback.

Platforce’s AI Planner

Platforce’s AI planner helps sales reps plan their activities for an entire month. To generate sales reps’ new activity automatically, this feature
of Platforce utilizes a range of information such as historical visit data, target frequency settings, distance from one place of visit to another
and the priority level of the HCPs being assigned. Sales reps are also allowed to edit the planner times to give them more flexibility.

Optimized Resource

Sales representatives can focus their efforts on high-priority HCPs and territories where there is a greater potential for engagement and impact.

Time Management

Planning activities in advance, up to one month ahead, enables sales reps to manage their time effectively. They can optimise their schedules to ensure maximum coverage while minimizing downtime and travel inefficiencies.

Enhanced HCP

With access to previous visit information and target visit frequency settings, sales reps can maintain consistent and meaningful interactions with HCPs. This ensures that important follow-ups, product discussions, and educational sessions are conducted at regular intervals, fostering stronger relationships and trust.

Relationship Building

By proactively planning sales activities and maintaining a strategic focus on HCP engagement, you can foster long-term relationships with key stakeholders in the healthcare industry. This not only leads to increased sales and market share but also enhances your reputation as a reliable and customer-centric partner.

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