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Embracing Digital Transformation in Latin America: Pharma Talk Show Webinar Series

Insights from the Pharma Insights Talk Show

We explored Pharma Digital Transformation in Latin America alongside industry experts and professionals in one of the Pharma Talk Show webinars. Below, we highlight the insights shared in this webinar, including strategies for local Latin American markets, team training, and collaboration for sustainable growth.

In this episode of Pharma Insights, the panel explored digital transformation as a phenomenon sweeping through the pharmaceutical industry in Latin America. The region’s unique socio-economic landscape presents both opportunities and challenges in adopting digital technologies. This session highlighted the diverse approaches and strategies being implemented to navigate this transformation successfully.

💬 Speakers and Moderators

🔹 Sandra Sanchez-Oldenhage, President & CEO at PharmAdvice / Independent Board Member

🔹 Claudia Adreani, Director / Consultant at Belly Slide Consulting

🔹 Susana Bento, Global Omnichannel Operations Lead at Grünenthal

🔹 Adrián de Jesús Pérez Castillo, Marketing Manager at Grupo SOMAR

🎙️ Moderated by Juliana Maria Kreisel from Platforce

Watch the full webinar recording: 

The Digitalization Journey: Varied Paces and Strategies

Digitalization in Latin America’s pharmaceutical industry is not a uniform process; it varies significantly across the region. Countries like Chile and Uruguay have made substantial progress, benefiting from vast internet access and advanced technological infrastructures. In contrast, nations like Bolivia and Paraguay are facing significant difficulties due to a limited digital infrastructure. This disparity necessitates customized strategies that address specific local needs, fostering more effective and sustainable digital transformation. 

The pre-existing momentum towards digital transformation in the region, which was significantly accelerated by the pandemic:

“I think that digitalization in Latin America was promoted a little before the pandemic. I think the pandemic catapulted it and accelerated it, but I think there are factors before that.”, said Sandra Sanchez-Oldenhage.

One of the critical challenges highlighted in the discussion is the region’s infrastructure limitations. Many areas still lack the necessary technological framework to support advanced digital solutions, posing a significant barrier to the adoption of digital technologies. Regulatory challenges also play a crucial role, with diverse and often stringent regulatory environments across Latin America complicating uniform digital strategy implementation. There is also a notable gap in workforce readiness. A significant portion of the workforce is yet to fully embrace and utilize new digital tools effectively, which underscores the need for comprehensive training and development programs.

The Promise of a Holistic Approach and the Role of SMEs

The panel emphasized the importance of a holistic approach to digital transformation, which involves not just adopting new technologies but also considering cultural, organizational, and process changes. This strategy ensures that digital tools are seamlessly integrated into existing workflows, enhancing operational efficiency and improving patient care.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) also play a crucial role in the region’s pharmaceutical sector. Digital transformation can empower these enterprises by providing tools to improve efficiency, market reach, and innovation. However, SMEs often face more significant challenges in adopting digital technologies due to limited resources and expertise, which requires tailored strategies to support their digital journey.

Navigating the Future: Omnichannel Strategies and Patient-Centric Approaches

A significant part of the discussion also revolved around the effectiveness of omnichannel versus multichannel strategies. The panel agreed that an omnichannel approach, which provides a cohesive and integrated customer experience across all touchpoints, is more effective in meeting the complex needs of healthcare professionals and patients. 

To emphasize the growth and effectiveness of omnichannel strategies in the region, and highlight how these strategies have evolved and become more crucial during the pandemic, Susana Bento notes:

“The use of Omnichannel digital, of course, has exploded with COVID […] but it was something that I already saw growing.”

The future of digital transformation in Latin America’s pharmaceutical industry looks promising. The panel discussed a future where digital tools are fully integrated into the industry, regulatory environments are more harmonized, and the workforce is well-prepared to utilize these technologies, driving significant advancements in healthcare delivery.


The webinar provided rich insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation in Latin America’s pharmaceutical industry. By addressing the unique obstacles and leveraging the opportunities, the region can achieve significant progress in healthcare. The future holds promise for a fully integrated digital ecosystem, harmonized regulations, and a well-prepared workforce, ultimately leading to improved healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

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