Finally a CRM designed
for sales reps to close
more deals.

No more wasting time updating
your spreadsheets. Use Platforce to
hit your sales quota without
breaking a sweat.

CRM made for sales rep

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We are wasting our time a lot- it is harder to manage large accounts solely on spreadsheets

That’s what we often hear from sales reps that are struggling
to hit their sales quota.

But, here’s the thing…

Spreadsheets and Generic CRMs aren’t made
for sales reps in the pharma & life science industry.

They need a specialized CRM that can help them to

  • Meet sales quotas and targets

  • Manage a large number of accounts

  • Maintain and update customer data

  • Manage a complex sales process with multiple stakeholders

  • Balance short-term sales goals with building long-term client relationships

Platforce helps sales reps like you to hit
your sales quota without breaking a sweat
by improving your productivity.

Here’s how

Reach your target
audience wherever
they are. No special
equipment needed.

Reduce time wasted on traveling to visit
patients or HCPs. Let them choose the
appropriate time and they can join in from any
device of their choice

Seamless call with HCP

Plan your next call
right from your CRM.

Never miss any leads again by planning the next
call on the spot from your CRM. Take a step
further by automating appropriate emails to be
sent automatically after each call to increase your
chance of closing the deal.

Planning next call

Connect with more
than one HCPs at any
given moment.

Keep your opportunities wide by simultaneously
connecting to multiple HCPs in a single call. No
matter if it’s a video or audio call, you can connect
with up to 100 potential participants in a single session
with Platforce, that too in HD

Engage with HCPs remotely

Eliminate manual
work with Platforce.

Platforce makes it easy to personalize and
update any changes in your contact — even
when you’re offline!

Simply make the relevant changes from your
CRM and tap the synchronize button to reflect
the changes you made.

automate mindless work

Save time and focus
on what matters most
- connecting with HCPs.

Platforce’s multi-channel marketing feature saves
you time by streamlining your marketing efforts.

Simply connect with HCPs from your preferred
channel without leaving Platforce.

focus on revenue generating activities

A powerful platform that scales
with you.

Your team will thank you later…

Access Platforce
from any device,
anywhere, anytime.
Stay 100% secure
with a cloud-based
software that is also compliant.
Customize Platforce
to match your unique needs
and workflow.
Get 99.9% system uptime
and ensure smooth operations
for you and your clients.

Integrate with your existing
tech stacks seamlessly.

Unlike other plug-and-play CRM, we will
customize our platform to ensure it integrates
well with your existing tech stacks. So it doesn’t
matter if your tech stacks are complicated and
are not commonly used, we cover it all.
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Change is hard. We get it.

Migrating to a new software is hard—but we’re
here to guide you every step of the way.

  • We will assign an account manager
    to onboard you remotely and guide
    you through the entire process.

  • Our team will help you import your data
    and get you started immediately!

  • We will asses your unique needs
    and customize the platform to suit
    your workflow, not the other way around.

  • If you need mission-critical features
    that are not available on our platform yet,
    let us know and we’ll make it happen.

  • You’ll get local support in your timezone
    whenever you need it — just contact us
    or simply click the help button in Platforce
    to get started.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Takeshi Nakauma

Xolomon optimize their conversation with HCPs so much that they increased HCP engagement rate by 550%!

If you spend more time in spreadsheets updating how
many calls were made and how successful they are,
there’s a better use of your time. See how Xolomon’s
founder and CEO Takeshi Nakauma managed to
increase their engagement rate.

Takeshi Nakauma

Founder & CEO


Hit your sales quota without
breaking a sweat.

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