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Platofrce is the advanced CRM that you have been waiting for. It has everything you need as a Pharma & Life Science company.

Platforce vs IQVIA: A Head-To-Head Comparision

Mobile Access
Offline Access
User Interface
Pricing Model
Tailored pricing plans that cater to the budgets of pharmaceutical and life science companies, ensuring optimal value for your investment.
Pricing structures might not be as flexible, potentially leading to higher costs for industry-specific features.
Free Trial
Customer Support
Local support, 24/7
24/7 customer helpdesk support
Custom Request
Multi-channel marketing
Sales Force Automation
Data Management
Customer Relationship Management
Task Management
Territory Management
Business Intelligence
(Built upon request)
Custom Reporting Dashboard
Retail Execution
Consent Management
Territory Management
Events Management
Data Precision
Employs advanced algorithms and data validation processes to ensure accurate and reliable data, vital for compliance and regulatory requirements.
Data precision might vary, potentially according to Gartner and G2 review.
Highly customizable to adapt to your specific workflows, allowing seamless integration with existing systems and processes.
Offers customization to an extent, but might require substantial efforts and costs for tailoring it precisely to your company's requirements.
Regulatory Compliance
Built-in compliance features, such as FDA and HIPAA guidelines integration, assist in maintaining regulatory adherence without additional hassle.
Built-in compliance features like Platforce.
Advanced Analytics
Delivers comprehensive and specialized analytics, including real-time insights into clinical trials, drug interactions, and market trends.
Provides analytics capabilities.
Data Security
Implements robust encryption, access controls, and regular security audits to safeguard sensitive patient data and proprietary research.
Tailored to the stringent security requirements of pharmaceutical and life science industries.
Remote Communication
Offers full-suite remote communication features like remote calls and presentations.
Just like Platforce offers a full suite of features made for remote communication.
Training For The Product Usage
Dedicated and customized training for your users.
Live-instructor based training.

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