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DrugTech & MedTech.

Scale your DrugTech and MedTech companies on the right foundations with an intuitive cloud-based solution that grows with you.

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Finding the right software for
MedTech and DrugTech is painstaking.

Making the wrong choice could hurt
your business in the long run.

  • You’re not sure what software will scale with your growth

  • You’re worried that the software might be too complicated for your sales rep to use

  • You need software that can streamline & automate manual tasks that is time intensive for your team

  • You’re in desperate need of a CRM that is compliant with regulations

  • You need software that works well with your existing tech stacks

You’re exploring other CRMs in the market

But they don’t give you the complete
toolbox for success like Platforce does.


  • Can’t help you simplify your sales and marketing processes, making them more efficient and effective

  • Don’t have the capability to help you meet the strict compliance and regulatory requirements in the drug and medical device industry

  • Can’t store and manage sensitive and regulated data, such as HCPs’ private data, with the security and efficiency required in the Pharma & Life Sciences industry

  • Don’t offer the customization options you need to tailor the solution to your specific requirements

  • Can’t integrate with other industry-specific systems making your work harder and more time-consuming


  • Developing The Solution In-house

    But it’s consuming a lot of resources that are better spent for the betterment of your products.

  • Buying Software and Tools For Each Specific Needs

    But it’s costing you more and doesn’t work well with your existing tech stacks.

  • Ductaping Each Solution Together

    But you’re left with a mish-mash of tools that are slowing your overall operations.

Your DrugTech and MedTech business
needs better. You need…

platforce Get Platforce today!

That’s why we’ve build Platforce

You’ll be surprised how a CRM and CLM system
made specifically for DrugTech and MedTech companies
can help brands like yours.

Get a 360-degree view
of your contact from
a single dashboard.

Find the client information you need instantly without hassle.

Platforce’s CRM keeps all details organized and accessible in just few clicks.

Need to filter accounts by certain criteria? We got you covered! Find them by relevant keywords or use the advanced filters provided.

sales team performance optimization

Target the right
prospects at the
right time.

Never waste your team’s time trying to close random leads.

Make use of Platforce's advanced segmentation capabilities to close the most important leads that are likely to convert better and provide a positive impact on your revenue.

Filter contacts

Get everyone on the same page quicker with fewer meetings.

Reduce unnecessary meeting times in half or even better — get rid of them completely.

Keep all your stakeholders and the rest of the team informed with Platforce’s CRM, which acts as your single source of truth, providing both the clarity and context they need regarding sales and market performance.

spend less time on meetings

Get your sales
rep to ditch their

Eliminate double work and manual work with Platforce.

Platforce makes it easy to personalize and update any changes in your contact — even when you’re offline!

Simply make the relevant changes from your CRM and tap the synchronize button to reflect the changes you made.

integrates with other tech stack

Never let any deals
slip through the

Timely follow-ups will make or break a deal, as HCPs expect sales reps to be responsive to their inquiries.

Take advantage of Platforce’s advanced automation capabilities to trigger the appropriate response whenever your prospects took any particular action you deemed important or if they require a response from you.

close more deals

Be a step ahead
of your competitors.

Make use of crucial insights gathered via Platforce during client interaction to better understand clients and their needs.

Then, use every bit of data you have about each of your clients to deliver more effective communication and follow-ups that close the deal.

Insights from remote calls

Stay compliant
and protect your business.

Be compliant by getting your clients’ consent with Platforce before onboarding. Platforce ensures that consent collection and management processes are always a breeze and automated so that you could work with your clients immediately while still being compliant with regulations like HIPAA and GDPR.

collect consent easily

Give CROs the visibility
they needed to manage
clinical trials effectively
and efficiently.

Monitor trial progress and track patient consent with our easy-to-use dashboards and automated consent tracking.

Bring life-saving treatments to market faster and more efficiently by providing your CROs access to Platforce.

Consent collection management system

Integrate with other
systems smoothly.

Drugtech and MedTech companies often need to integrate with other systems, such as electronic health records (EHRs) and pharmacy systems.

Platforce is designed to ensure seamless integration with these systems, allowing for more efficient communication and collaboration.

integrates with other tech stack

Data Securely

Store sensitive and regulated data, such as patient information and clinical trial data in a secured cloud-based platform that is also GDPR compliant.

stay compliant with your data

Integrate Platforce
into your workflow

No matter how different your workflow is, Platforce will be always there to support you.

Simply request the features you need to be available for you and we will work on them even when you outgrew them.

easily integrate Platforce into your workflow

A powerful platform that scales
with you.

Your team will thank you later…

Access Platforce
from any device,
anywhere, anytime.
Stay 100% secure
with a cloud-based
software that is also compliant.
Customize Platforce
to match your unique needs
and workflow.
Get 99.9% system uptime
and ensure smooth operations
for you and your clients.

Integrate with your existing
tech stacks seamlessly.

Unlike other plug-and-play CRM, we will customize our platform to ensure it integrates well with your existing tech stacks. So it doesn’t matter if your tech stacks are complicated and are not commonly used, we cover it all.
View all integration

Change is hard. We get it.

Migrating to a new software is hard — but we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

  • We will assign an account manager to onboard you remotely and guide you through the entire process.

  • Our team will help you import your data and get you started immediately!

  • We will asses your unique needs and customize the platform to suit your workflow, not the other way around.

  • If you need mission-critical features that are not available on our platform yet, let us know and we’ll make it happen.

  • You’ll get local support in your timezone whenever you need it — just contact us or simply click the help button in Platforce to get started.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Takeshi Nakauma

Xolomon optimizes their conversation with HCPs so much that they've increased HCP engagement rate by 550%!

If you spend more time in spreadsheets updating how
many calls were made and how successful they are,
there’s a better use of your time. See how Xolomon’s
founder and CEO Takeshi Nakauma managed to
increase their engagement rate.

Takeshi Nakauma



Everything sounds great, but…

What is Platforce CRM?

Platforce CRM is a cloud-based solution that empowers sales force efficiency in the fields and remote interactions for Pharma and Life science companies by enabling them to engage, manage and close HCPs with ease.

Do DrugTech and MedTech brands need a CRM made exclusively
for them like Platforce? Why can’t I make do with normal CRM?

Let’s be frank here. Yes, you could rely on generic CRM. But at what cost? The last thing you want is your sales team spending 70% of their time doing admin work and trying to piece together a bunch of tools instead of closing more deals.

How much does Platforce’s CRM software cost? Can I try it for free?

It starts from $15 per month and yes we do offer free trials.

Is Platforce an all-in-one CRM?

Yes, and it’s much more than that. Platforce is a cloud-based solution that is made with Pharma and Life Science companies’ needs in mind.

Is Platforce the best choice for small businesses, startups, or enterprise organizations?

This is what makes us special. Instead of you adopting to our software, here at Platforce we ensure it’s the other way around- no matter the size of your organization and how complex are your needs.

How does Platforce compare to other solutions in the market?

We definitely have a lot to tell here! That’s why we made this comparison page. Check it out to see how Platforce compare with other page.

Streamline your operations and sales processes to bring your product to market faster.

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