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KPI Tracking in Pharma Sales Software for Better HCP Communication

If you’re looking for a way to track your doctor visits and manage rescheduled appointments effectively, you’ve got a few pharma sales software options.

But some look…less than optimal.

If you’re part of the sales team in pharma, you already know some of the workarounds and bit-part solutions aren’t going to make it as far as your sales team.

Since launching, Platforce has been working with businesses of all sizes in the pharma and life science industries to enable their sales team to track their doctor visits and manage rescheduled appointments effectively.

Through our experience working with clients, we’ve made sure our CRM offers customizations that are designed for seamless tracking of doctor visits and efficient management of rescheduled appointments.

Understanding the Challenges Faced by Pharma Sales Teams

  1. Lack of a Streamlined System Leading to Miscommunications and Missed Opportunities.

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceutical sales, effective communication is crucial for success. However, many pharma sales teams find themselves relying on disparate software and tools and fragmented solutions to track doctor visits and manage appointments. This lack of a streamlined system creates a breeding ground for miscommunications and missed opportunities.

Sales representatives often resort to using spreadsheets, manual note-taking, or separate software applications to keep track of their doctor visits. Without integration and synchronization between these tools, important information can easily fall through the cracks.

Sales reps might not have real-time access to updated visit details or be able to communicate changes effectively with the team, leading to confusion and missed opportunities to engage with healthcare professionals.

  1. Difficulty in Maintaining Accurate Records and Visibility into Territory Coverage.

Accurate record-keeping is essential for pharmaceutical sales teams to evaluate their performance, identify gaps, and make data-driven decisions. However, maintaining accurate records of doctor visits and appointments can be a challenge without a dedicated system.

The absence of a centralized platform specifically designed for capturing visit details results in scattered information across various channels. Sales reps may struggle to organize and update their records consistently, leading to incomplete or inaccurate data.

This lack of clarity and visibility into territory coverage makes it difficult to assess the team’s overall performance, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that all territories are adequately covered.

  1. Potential Gaps in Sales Activities and Relationship-Building Efforts.

Inefficient appointment management processes can create gaps in sales activities, which can be detrimental to building strong relationships with healthcare professionals. Sales representatives rely on timely and effective interactions with doctors to establish trust, provide product information, and ultimately drive sales. However, without a streamlined system in place, it becomes challenging to manage and prioritize appointments effectively.

Sales reps may struggle to stay on top of their schedules, leading to missed or rescheduled appointments. These missed opportunities can have a significant impact on relationship-building efforts and may result in lost sales. Inconsistent follow-up and lack of timely communication can erode trust and hinder the development of strong relationships with doctors and key decision-makers.

  1. Limited Insights and Analysis for Performance Evaluation.

Effective sales management requires access to comprehensive data and insights for performance evaluation. However, the absence of a dedicated tracking system hampers the sales team’s ability to gather, analyze, and leverage this information effectively.

Without accurate records and visibility into sales activities, sales managers face challenges in evaluating individual and team performance. Metrics such as visit frequency, call reports, and territory coverage may be difficult to measure and track consistently.

This lack of data-driven insights makes it challenging to provide targeted guidance and support to sales representatives, hindering their professional growth and overall effectiveness. Additionally, the inability to identify trends and patterns in sales activities limits the team’s ability to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

In short, the lack of a streamlined system leads to miscommunications, missed opportunities, difficulty in maintaining accurate records, limited visibility into territory coverage, potential gaps in sales activities, and inadequate performance evaluation.

Recognizing these challenges, Platforce offers customized solutions to address these challenges, empowering sales teams to optimize their interactions, enhance relationship-building efforts, and drive better sales outcomes.

Now that brings us to the big question.

What makes Platforce the tool choice to help you track your doctor visits and manage rescheduled appointments effectively?

Since its launch, Platforce has been partnering with businesses in the pharma and life science industries, working closely with sales teams to enhance their capabilities in this crucial aspect of their work.

Through our extensive experience and collaboration with clients, we have developed a robust customer relationship management (CRM) system that offers customizations specifically designed to address the pain points faced by pharmaceutical sales teams. These customizations enable seamless tracking of doctor visits and efficient management of rescheduled appointments, providing a comprehensive solution to the challenges mentioned earlier.

Platforce’s CRM platform provides sales representatives with a user-friendly interface where they can easily record all interactions with doctors, including completed visits and rescheduled appointments. This centralizes all the necessary information, ensuring that important details are not lost or overlooked. With real-time access to accurate visit details, sales reps can stay up-to-date and effectively communicate changes within the team, minimizing miscommunications and missed opportunities.

Furthermore, Platforce’s customization offers enhanced visibility into territory coverage. Sales representatives can now quickly analyze their visit records, identify potential gaps in coverage, and make informed decisions to optimize their sales activities. By providing a clear overview of their territory, the CRM empowers sales teams to ensure that no valuable opportunities are overlooked and that every healthcare professional receives the attention they deserve.

Platforce’s customization also greatly improves relationship-building efforts. With a streamlined system in place, sales representatives can effectively manage and prioritize their appointments, ensuring that they never miss a critical opportunity to engage with doctors and key decision-makers. Consistent follow-up and timely communication become effortless, allowing sales reps to build stronger and more fruitful relationships with healthcare professionals.

Moreover, Platforce’s customization also caters to the needs of sales managers. The CRM platform provides comprehensive insights and analysis, offering valuable performance evaluation tools. With accurate records and data-driven insights, sales managers can assess individual and team performance effectively. 

Now with Platforce, they can 

  • identify areas of improvement
  • provide targeted guidance
  • support their sales representatives
  • drive continued growth and success

In the ever-competitive pharmaceutical industry, having an edge in tracking doctor visits and managing appointments can make all the difference. Platforce’s customization empowers pharmaceutical sales teams with the tools they need to excel in this crucial aspect of their work.

With streamlined processes, improved visibility, enhanced relationship-building efforts, and comprehensive performance evaluation, Platforce’s CRM platform offers a complete solution that drives better sales outcomes and ultimately contributes to the success of pharmaceutical companies.

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