reuters pharma Barcelona 2023 Artem Brytchenko takeaways

Platforce recaps Reuters Pharma Barcelona 2023: Key Trends & Takeaways

The Reuters Event Pharma Barcelona 2023 brought together industry leaders and innovators to discuss the latest trends and advancements in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Below, we share the highlights of our experience, key trends we observed, our takeaways, and some insights we gained during the conference for anyone interested to learn more about the Reuters Pharma experience.

Our on-site team at the Reuters Pharma Barcelona 2023 event included Platforce’s CEO, Artem Brytchenko, Head of Sales Ruslan Shastun, Chief Product Owner Dmitriy Snetenchuk, and one of our amazing Business Development Executives, Ahmed Moustafa

Chief Product Owner, Dmitriy Snetenchuk and Head of Sales Ruslan Shastun

1. AI and Its Prominence at the Event

AI was the key focus of many talks and presentations, and one of the prevailing themes at the Reuters Pharma Barcelona 2023, especially due to its potential to revolutionize drug discovery, clinical trials, and personalized medicine. 

In pharma, like in most industries, improved efficiency takes place when data-driven insights are embedded into organizational processes. While Platforce recognizes the importance of AI and its ability to drive innovation and efficiency in pharmaceutical processes, we also believe AI can shape the future of pharma sales. 

HCP engagement with CRM CLM solutions enhanced with AI drives sales in pharmaceutical companies by using HCP data to predict behaviours and personalize marketing and sales efforts.

2. The Rise of Omnichannel in the Industry

Another notable trend highlighted during the event was the rise of omnichannel strategies in the pharmaceutical industry. To gain a competitive advantage as a pharma company in today’s fast-paced and digital environment, managers need to embrace the effectiveness of leveraging multiple channels for customer engagement.

Omnichannel approaches allow pharmaceutical companies to deliver personalized and seamless experiences to healthcare professionals, patients, and other stakeholders. As we acknowledge this emerging trend we continue our commitment to developing solutions that enable pharmaceutical companies to optimize customer engagement and enhance sales performance through omnichannel strategies.

Challenges and Successes of Showcasing Platforce’s Platform

Platforce’s booth at the event was abuzz with activities and demonstrations. The team engaged with potential partners and clients, showcasing and demoing the platform’s capabilities and customizations. They emphasized the collaborative opportunities that Platforce offers within the industry, fostering partnerships and driving innovation in pharmaceutical processes.

Demonstrating the platform’s capabilities and value proposition to potential partners and clients allowed our team, through interactive demonstrations and engaging activities at the booth, to successfully showcased how Platforce’s technology can streamline pharma sales, by improving HCP engagement and leveraging data-driven results.

Our reflections: Excitement for the Possibilities Ahead

reuters pharma Barcelona 2023 Artem Brytchenko takeaways
CEO, Artem Brytchenko

Reflecting on the event, CEO Artem Brytchenko expressed excitement for the possibilities that lie ahead in the pharmaceutical industry, while also mentioning that:

“The discussions and interactions at Reuters Pharma Barcelona 2023 reinforced the importance of innovation and collaboration. Platforce is eager to contribute to the industry’s growth and help shape its future through its advanced technological solutions.” 

Anticipation for Future Events and Opportunities in the Industry

Business Development Executive, Ahmed Moustafa and Head of Sales, Ruslan Shastun

Ultimately, we as part of Platforce look forward to participating in upcoming conferences and continuing to align ourselves with the latest trends and advancements, driving innovation and progress within the industry.

By leveraging AI, embracing omnichannel strategies, and fostering collaboration within the industry, Platforce aims to empower pharmaceutical companies to enhance customer engagement, optimize sales performance, and drive innovation in the pursuit of better healthcare outcomes. Taste and see how the PLATFORCE can transform your business today! You can also check out our LinkedIn page and YouTube channel to learn more about our services.